I love to take advantage of unique hunting opportunities and while on a bowfishing trip to Texas one of them opportunities presented itself. Most of the bowfishing I was doing while in Texas was at night so I had some free time during the day to do some scouting. Since the weather was so hot we knew there was a chance that we could run into a hog or two cooling off in the river so we grabbed the rifles I also grabbed my Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber pellet gun just in case I seen an armadillo. Being from Wisconsin I was really hoping to get an armadillo and cross it off my bucket list.

While slowly going up the river I spotted him a big armadillo and yes I was pretty excited I grabbed my Marauder and bailed out of the boat and headed up the river bank. Once I crested the top of the bank I spotted him again and started my stalk. Soon I was within 20 yards so I used a small tree as a brace and waited fro the armadillo to present a hear shot. This is where patience is a must since armadillos are always moving.  After what seemed like 5 min the armadillo found a grub or something that occupied his mind for just enough time to line up the crosshairs and make a perfect headshot. It was over in a flash and once again I had a unique trophy with a unique weapon.  I have a few other critters on the bucket list and I look forward to taking them with my Crosman pellet guns.