In 2010 I purchased an arrow shooting slingshot from Randy Edwards called The Falcon slingshot. It was designed with Bowfishging in mind. It worked very well and I shot a ton of fish with it. Wasn’t long before I was not satisfied with shooting fish and dreams of bigger things were in my head.

With these bigger dreams in mind, I knew I would need more power so I contacted Randy and he sent me some super heavy duty surgical tubing and that gave me the power I needed. With that set up, I took 2 alligators, 2 wild hogs and a 10 foot shark. With the extra power came down falls in the system. The main one being versatility. The heavy bands were hard to change and after repeated shooting with heavy draw weights the framework of The Falcon started to bend causing hand slap and horrible shooting. It was then and there that I set out to design a slingshot that would withstand the abuse I would put it through. I wanted the strongest, fastest and most versatile slingshot/slingbow that could be made. I researched slingshots and sling bows on the internet every night and watching videos. I gathered up as much information as I could and it wasn’t long before I had enough ideas to proceed with building my very first slingbow.

I knew I wanted an adjustable draw weight and that was very easy. I made a clamping system to hold the bands on and then I brought in a guy who I went to school with, Chris Cutts, who now owned the local machine shop. Chris has proven to be a major help in the design process. I gave Chris my ideas and in a week I had a working prototype. Whenever I showed it to friends or family their first words were “that thing is Bad Ass!” and that is how the Bad Ass Slingshot was born.

It has been a long tough road to get where we are today but I hope you agree that we make the strongest, most versatile sling bow on the market. It is 100% American made in small town Wisconsin.